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Suitable for domestic patio and commercial application, including bistro or cafe blinds, the ziptrak outdoor roller blind maximum width can go over 4m for PVC and up to 6m for sunscreen mesh screens. Wider widths have a fixed or removable post option. The standard ziptrak blinds come with side zip track guided control and are also available as motorized solar shades and pvc blinds. 


Whether you're after commercial outdoor blinds, ziplock or zipscreen interior or outdoor roll up blinds, awnings or screens, contact us for cost price - we custom make to suit your opening. 

Ziptrak PVC option full head box

PVC Zptrak with flashing and pelmet - white

Streamline pelmet with insect control system

PVC Zptrak with streamline pelmet and insect control system

Ziptrak with full headbox Mesh option

Mesh Zptrak with flashing and pelmet - black

Ziptrak slide show 2021 Rollerflex ASB Limited 

Ziptrak user guide 


1. Achilles DS (Dimensionally Stable) is a clear PVC, manufactured using a calendered process. This dimensionally stable product reduces the variances of stability in variable temperatures. It blocks 93% of UV radiation, has high clarity and helps eliminate long-term wrinkles. It's made in Japan, available 137 cm wide in 0.75 mm thickness. We use it for our track blinds (Urban Track and Ziptrak). It has up to 93% UV Block. 


Shade View Mesh  - Urban 

cleverly diffuses light, lends a pared-back finish and optimizes views but it still protects you and your home from the elements like harsh wind and rain. Wave 2x2 construction Denier Polyester yarn with weight  573 gsm2.


Available in 15 colours across the range.


Fire retardant, Mildew resistant, 5% Openness factor 

Up to 97% UV Block and up to 96% wind and rain block 

Can be used for Urban Track, Ziptrak, Cafe style and Hand roll screens. 

If you wish to see another option please ask our sales representative.

Shade View Mesh Urban colours range 


There are five available colours for Ziptrack's spline only - Paperback, Classic cream, Woodland grey, White and Black. The same colours are available for Pelmets, flashing, guides and bottom rail +  it can be powder - coat to any Dulux colours. 

Ziptrak spline and guides

Ziptrak spline and guides 

Ziptrak tube 72 mm

Ziptrak 72 mm tube and end cup - pin 

Ziptrak bottom rail and quides

Ziptrak bottom rail and guides 

Ziuptrak removable post
Removable post detail of bottom fixing

Ziptrak removable post details 

Range of spline colour for Ziptrak




Woodland grey


The above chart is indicative only - colours can appear different depending on the computer screen resolution.


Ziptrak's optional parts are flashing (size is 135 mm) or full pelmet headbox  - 135 mm small pelmet – drops up to 2 800 mm or 165 mm large pelmet – drops up to 3 500 mm. The pelmets are available in steel or rust free aluminium. 

There are five popular colours for Ziptrack's hardware - Paperback, Classic cream, Woodland grey, White and Black but it can be powder-coat to to Dulux range.

Streamline Pelmet with insect control system

Streamline pelmet with insect control system

Handle with locking system Ziptrak

Bottom rail with locking system Ziptrak

Ziptrak flashing and guides

Flashing and guides Ziptrak


Motorisation is a popular choice for many household and commercial applications. The motor is hidden withing the pelmet. Motorized option is perfect for large blinds, blinds mounted in hard reach locations or for people with limited mobility. It is only available with Sunscreen Mesh option. 

Extra large blinds are also available, it requires additional spring, extra heavy duty bottom bar and 73 mm top tube / key-way tube.  


Create your own Ziptrak blind using a new Design your blind platform. Customise (measurements, material, extras), visualise (see your 3D design) and send it to any company for quotation. 

Design your blind here: 

design your blind
Design your blind

New design platform for Ziptrak 

Design your Ziptrak blind

Ziptrak design your blind platform 


Screens should be retracted in periods of high wind. Rolling up fabric when wet can encourage growth of Mould, Mildew and Cloudiness. Ensure bottom locks are engaged when screen is lowereto prevent fabric moving in wind Ensure all fasteners are secured adequately Flashings are recommended where possible to prolong fabric lifespan Powder coating to be cleaned regularly.


Your user guide for Ziptrak 

Spring-balanced operation

The blind should be hand-operated from the centre of the bottom bar. This ensures the material rolls evenly onto the top tube. The blind should always glide smoothly and easily along the track. You may find Ziptrak® spring-balanced blinds are a little tricky to operate during windy conditions due to the pressure of the wind on the blind material. Use your hand to push against the blind material to reduce this pressure and then operate the blind.


Motorised operation

Motorised blinds are operated by remote control and cannot be hand-operated and doing so may damage the blind. Care must be taken when operating motorised Ziptrak® blinds in windy conditions. They must be supervised whilst raising and lowering at all times. 


Hardware maintenance

In dusty and seafront locations, approximately once a year you may wish to add lubricant to assist in the continued smooth operation of the blind. You must use silicone spray, such as food grade CRC 808. As a general rule cleaning should take place every six months. Carefully remove any loose surface deposits with a wet sponge. Use a soft brush (non abrasive) and a mild household
detergent (do not use solvents) in warm water, remove dust, salt and other deposits. Rinse off with clean fresh water.


Sunscreen Mesh

Sunscreen mesh fabric should be brushed regularly with a non-abrasive brush and hosed down with clean cold water and left to dry completely before rolling up – this is important to prevent mould and mildew growth. For more stubborn stains a solution of mild detergent and luke-warm water. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry completely before rolling away. Treat stains as soon as possible.


Achilles PVC

The use of harsh chemicals for cleaning should be avoided, as these can scratch the surface or attack the material. Clear PVC should only be cleaned with a diluted solution of mild soap and warm water. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth or a sponge. Do not use solvents or chemical cleaners. Do not expose sheets to abrasion. We recommend Vuplex plastic cleaner/polish.

See more information on here:  Ziptrak® website

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