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Rollerflex ASB offers a wide range of door and window insect screens for your house or office. Enjoy your place without any insect  at night and a hygienic and comfortable fly-free environment during the day with our custom made insect screens. Choose from a variety of fly screens for doors and windows, including sliding door insect screens and magnetic window screens.


We also offer re-meshing, maintenance and fixing of the existing insect screens windows or doors such as handles, hinges or extrusions replacement, re-sizing of existing insect doors or windows and replacement of wheels on sliding insect screen doors. 

When you close the insect screen and open your door, the fine mesh allows fresh air to flow through whilst keeping out insects such as house flies, moths and mosquitoes, without the use of chemical sprays or insecticides.

The quality of insect mesh used in fly screen doors and window screens makes all the difference. Our insect screens are fabricated using only the best quality fibreglass insect screen mesh which is non combustible and will not rot, rust, shrink or stain.



When it comes to mosquito, fly, bug screen and insect mesh, in addition to the traditional hinged, sliding or magnetic type varieties, modern fly screens include expandable, folding retractable, pleated and roller fly screen options. When you want a screen to keep bugs out, particularly important areas like kitchen and bedrooms, the choices are numerous. We can retrofit fly screens to most openings, custom made insect screens at affordable prices to suit your budget. Mozzie, bug and fly screens will help make life a lot more enjoyable.


Pleated insect screen doors
Pleated insect window screens .jpg



All our window's & door insect screens are made from aluminium frames/extrusions so it is always easy to control due to its  light weight. Aluminium won't rust and will last for decades, you only would need to replace a mesh after time.


Please see our range of extrusions with some basic information about its sizes. 

  • Insect screen widows frame: 24 mm width x 10 mm height

  • Insect screen window sliding tracks: top track: 14.7 mm depth x 18 mm height, bottom track 14,3 mm  depth x 9 mm height

  • Insect screen door frame: 48 mm width x 15.2 mm height

  • Insect screen door sliding tracks: top/bottom (standard) : 12 mm depth x 18 mm height

  • Retractable window & door system 36 cassette: cassette size: 36 mm depth x 43 height, top guide 22 mm depth x 30 mm height, bottom guide: 22 mm depth x 23 mm height

  • Retractable window & door system 46 cassette: cassette size: 46 mm depth x 55 height, top guide 22 mm depth x 30 mm height, bottom guide: 22 mm depth x 23 mm height

  • Pleated detachable insect window & door frame & top & bottom guide: 23 mm depth x 30 mm height

  • Barrier free pleated insect door frame: 20 mm depth x 43 mm height, top guide: 43 mm depth x 62 mm height, bottom guide: 30 mm depth x 3,5 mm height

  • Cabriolet roller screens window & door top/bottom guide: 25 mm depth x 30 mm height

Cassette retractable door system S36

Retractable door S36

Top guide for retractable door

Top guide retractable door 

Sliding door extrusion

Sliding door 

Cassette for retactable window system S46

Retractable door S46


​We use several types of meshes for our insect screens doors and windows. 

  • Sliding, fixed and hinged insect doors and windows - Standard fiberglass mesh 17x14 gauge, black colour, Lightweight, flexible and easy to cut with a knife or scissors.

  • Sliding, fixed and hinged insect doors and windows - Pet (Paw)  proof mesh  black - Ultra-strong vinyl-coated polyester mesh, to resist damage from dogs and cats.

  • Sliding, fixed and hinged insect doors and windows - One way vision mesh - Hardened aluminium mesh, available  in range of Dulux Duralloy colours.

  • Retractable doors and windows - Standard fiberglass mesh 18x16 gauge, black colour . Lightweight, flexible and easy to cut with a knife or scissors. Pet (Paw) proof mesh available for Series 46. 

  • Pleated, Barrier free and Cabriolet insect doors and windows  -  Mesh is made from polyethylene and polypropylene combine together for extra strength and durability. 

Standard mesh fiberglass

Standard mesh - Fiberglass black 

Pet proof mesh black

Pet (Paw) proof mesh - black 

One way vision mesh

One way vision mesh black & white 


​All our insect screen door's & window frames/extrusions can be powder-coated for any Dulux colour range to match an existing wooden or aluminium joinery. We charge extra for for these special colours but there is no extra charge for some standard colours which are following: 

  • Sliding, fixed and hinged insect doors and windows - Standard colours: Mill finish, Natural anodized, White and Bronze.  

  • Retractable doors and windows - Standard colours: White, Rivergum, Charcoal, Sand, Ghost Grey, Gravel, Ironsand, Karaka, Lignite, Mist Green, New Denim Blue, Olive, Beige, Sandstone Grey, Slate Blue, Titania, Silver Pearl. 

  • Pleated, Barrier free and Cabriolet insect doors and windows  -  Standard colours: White, Ivory, Silver Pearl, Champagne, Brown, Grey, Gravel Grey and Black. 

Dulux logo

Dulux powder-coating range 

Duralloy Dulux

Dulux powder-coating range 

Duratec Dulux

Dulux powder-coating range 


​All aluminium powder coating extrusions can be safely cleaned with mild household detergent (do not use solvents) in warm water. Carefully remove any loose surface deposits with wet sponge or cotton cloth and rinse off with clean fresh water. 

Mesh can be cleaned with mild household detergent (do not use solvents) and  warm water, too. Before you wipe it you might try to  remove dust with vacuum cleaner. Use only gentle suctions mode with brush attached if possible. 

If you are not sure about cleaning or maintenance, please give us a call or send us an email. 

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