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Every single roller blind is made from five main components:

  • Key-way Roller Tube (Sometimes called Barrel or Top tube). It is made from aluminium and has different diameter (32, 38, 45, heavy duty 45 mm and 55 mm).

  • Fabrics is the most important part of Roller Blinds. It comes in Sunscreen, Light- Filtering, Blackout and Thermal options.

  • Bottom rail / bar. Made from aluminium, comes in different shapes (round, oval, rectangle, etc) and range of colours. 

  • Chain mechanism and idler fits inside of key-way roller tube (with motorised option, the motor fits inside the tube and is operated with remote control or wall switch - no chain mechanism). 

  • Mounting brackets. Made from hardened steel and available in a range of colours. 


There are a few optional parts such as spring assists, link brackets, brackets covers and pelmets.  


38 Key tube

38 mm diameter 

45 Key tube

45 mm diameter

Heavy duty key tube

heavy duty 45 mm diameter


Choose from three different shapes of bottom rails oval, round or flat. All bottom rails are made from aluminium available in four colours (Natural anodized, White, Cream and Black. 


Oval bottom rail


Round bottom rail

Flat bottom rail

Flat bottom rail

Colours option for bottom rails 





The above chart is indicative only - colours can appear different depending on the computer screen resolution.


Rollerflex offers two options for the chain. Plastic with five colours (White, Off white, Beige, Grey and Black) or Stainless steel chain. 








Roller blinds chains. Ball size 4,5 mm distance 6 mm. 

The above chart is indicative only - colours can appear different depending on the computer screen resolution.


Installation brackets are made from steel and they are available in four colours. White, cream, grey and black. You can have a single or a dual brackets. 


Installation brackets 


Installation brackets, chain winders and idlers. 

Installation brackets colours range





The above chart is indicative only - colours can appear different depending on the computer screen resolution.


Rollerflex offers a variety of choices for motorised roller blinds for both indoor and outdoor rollers, with hardwired or battery operated motor, remote control, wall switch, central panel, or smartphone operation. There are multiple options for motorised window sun shades, internal blackout blinds, double roller day and night blinds and external blinds.The motor's supplier for our motorised roller blinds is Rollese Acmeda. Their high-quality AUTOMATE range includes mechanical limit, electronic limit and wirefree motors. All motors are complimented with stylish hand held or wall switch controls.  

Battery Powered Motor - wire-free motor has an inbuilt Lithium-Ion battery which achieves up to 500 cycles per charge. An optional solar powered charged is available which will ensure your automated blinds are continuously charged.​ Up to 13 kg weight capacity​ and 5 year warranty.


AC Powered Motor - with its higher lifting capacity, is an ideal choice when you have accessible power or are building or renovating your home. Up to 27 kg weight capacity and 7 years warranty. 

Automate Pulse - Pulse Wi-fi Hub, you can accurately control your shades via the animated interface on your smartphone. Bi-directional communication allows you to visualize the exact positioning of your blinds whilst also allowing you to check the battery health of your wire-free motors.

Roller blinds motors

Roller blinds motors and remote controls 

Remote control 5 channels
Motorised Roller blinds control options

Remote controls and wall switch for motorized roller blinds 


Rollerflex ASB offers some extras for Roller blinds such as Valance , Linked brackets  and roller blinds stoppers. 

  • Linking system between brackets/roller blinds allows multiple blinds to be connected and controlled by a single mechanism (chain/motor), or independently to reduce light gaps between shades.

  • Valance - fully enclosed head-box and valance systems are available in round and square options. It looks great and provides extra light blackout. 

Linking brackets for roller blinds

Linking brackets for Roller blinds 

Linking brackets colours range





Valance white roller blinds

Valance 100 mm white finish

Valance coulour range




The above chart is indicative only - colours can appear different depending on the computer screen resolution.

Ziptrak® Interior with side guides 

Ziptrak® Interior will change what you expect from a blind. With one effortless glide, you can control light, airflow and insects. No more heavy blinds and curtains, covered in dust, with flimsy cords to pull.

No other blind blocks out light better than Ziptrak® Interior. The track guided system secures the blind material within vertical tracks, preventing light from entering through gaps.

The slim and discreet system with exceptional finishes is worthy of its presence within your home.

The spring-balanced system allows you to leave the blind at any height, without the need for cords or chains. For peace of mind and to safeguard against potential hazards, Ziptrak® Interior is the clear choice.

Ziptrak® Interior offers best-in-class insulation for large windows. The track-guided system provides an air pocket between the glass and blind which significantly enhances insulation performance. Some materials also include a reflective backing in order to bounce direct sunlight back outside.

Quickly transform your home cinema, living or media room into a light proof space, ready for a spontaneous movie afternoon! Ziptrak® Interior blinds block out light like no other blind, due to the track-guided design that does not allow light to seep through the gaps that other blinds have on each side.

For more information visit:  Interior Ziptrak website


See more information: Interior Ziptrak brochure 

Ineterior Ziptrak

Interior Ziptrak 

Interior Ziptrak child safety

Child safe system Interior Ziptrak 

Interior Ziptrak black out bedroom

Interior Ziptrak installed in bedroom 

Interior Blind Media Room

Cinema room solution Interior Ziptrak 

Features of Interior Ziptrak 


  • No cords or chains for safety of your family members 

  • Track guided system with smooth operation 

  • Stop at any height using spring balance system 

  • Open or close within seconds

  • Advanced light control 

  • Remarkable insulation in summer and winter 

  • Manual or motorised options 

  • Range of fabrics block out, light filtering or sunscreen available 

  • Custom powder coated hardware colours - Dulux 

Stop in any height Interior Ziptrak

Stop in any height system Interior Ziptrak 

Interior Ziptrak insulation diagram

Insulation system Interior Ziptrak 


child safe

At Rollerflex, child safety is very important to us, so we offer a variety of solutions to ensure every home and family is safe from hazardous, loose hanging cords or chains. 

Manually operated Roller blinds: We use chain hook (chain tidy) which fixed the chain directly to the window/door jamb. It is made from plastic and the colour is transparent. 


Chain free, semi - automatic Roller blinds: We use spring booster system. Roller blinds raise gently at the pull of the weight bar or wand.  

Chain free system  - Ziptrak Interior system: Interior Ziptrak system is using side guides instead of chain or cord. 

Fully automatic Roller blinds: Elimination of cords/chains. The variety of motors and controllers ensure homes are smarter and safer. 

 Chain hooks child safe

Chain hooks l child safe control

Roller blind motor child safe

Motors for Roller blinds l child safe control

Spring booster system or Roller blinds

Spring booster system l child safe control 

Ziptrak interior system

Interior Ziptrak system I child safe control

Interior Ziptrak
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