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Every single outdoor screen is made from following main components:

  • Key-way Roller Tube (Sometimes called Barrel or Top tube). It is made from aluminium or steel (for extra strengths) and has different radius (72, 78, 86 and 93 mm).

  • Mesh / PVC is the most important part of Outdoor screens. 

  • Bottom rail / bar. Made from aluminium, comes in two different shapes - round and rectangle.

  • Operation options  - Gear box, Spring, Hand roll or Motor with remote control or wall switch.

  • Mounting brackets. Made from aluminium or stainless steel and available in range of colours. 

  • There are a few optional parts such as flashing  and pelmets for Cafe style, Ziptrak and Urban Track.  


Keyway tube 72 mm

78 mm keyway aluminium tube

Ziptrak top tube

Ziptrak  72 mm keyway aluminium tube

Steel keyway tube

72 mm keyway steel tube


1. Achilles DS (Dimensionally Stable) is a clear PVC, manufactured using a calendered process. This dimensionally stable product reduces the variances of stability in variable temperatures. It blocks 93% of UV radiation, has high clarity and helps eliminate long-term wrinkles. It's made in Japan, available 137 cm wide in 0.75 mm thickness. We use it for our track blinds (Urban Track and Ziptrak). 

2. Achilles Vinistar Super Clear is a clear PVC, manufactured using a calendered process. It has extremely high transparency, around 90% filtering of harmful UV radiation, and high weather resistance (including against frost). It is made in Japan. Available 137 cm wide in 0.75 mm thickness. We use it for our Cafe style and Hand roll outdoor blinds. 


Shadeview Mesh  - Urban

cleverly diffuses light, lends a pared-back finish and optimises views but it still protects you and your home from the elements like harsh wind and rain.

 Wave 2x2 construction Denier Polyester yarn with weight  573gsm

 Available in 15 colours across the range.

Fire retardant, Mildew resistant, 5% Openness factor 

Can be used for Urban Track, Ziptrak, Cafe style and Hand roll screens. 

If you wish to see another option please ask our sales representative.

Shadeview Mesh Urban colours range 

Aspect Atmosphere External Blind Mesh.

It has optimal visibility (3% Openness factor), breathability , glare reduction and it is fire, salt water and mildew resistant. 

Anti-bacterial and anti fungal treatments, formaldehyde free content.

It is made from - 30% polyester, 70% PVC

Weight 550 g/m2, Thickness 0.70 mm, UV Ratio Up to 90% block out

Available in 19 colours. 

Can be used for Urban Track, Ziptrak, Cafe style and Hand roll screens 

See Aspect Atmossphere mesh range colours here. 

If you wish to see another option please ask our sales representative. 

Serge Ferarri Soltis - Mesh / Block out 

The products of Sergie Ferrari can be perforated, waterproof or even opaque to offer protection against heat or bad weather. It offers natural shades or bright colours for your indoor/outdoor blinds.

Soltis Horizon 86 - offers unrivalled outward visibility and a level of natural light transmission (up to 28%). Range here 

Soltis Harmony 88 - offers a perfect balance between design, transparency and thermal comfort, up to of 88% block. Range here 

Soltis Lounge 96 - micro-perforated fabric, ideal for creating cosy atmospheres in outdoor areas. Range here.  

Soltis Proof W96 - protects against UV and bad weather, while preserving the level of natural light transmitted. Range here. 

Can be used for Urban Track, Ziptrak, Cafe style and Hand roll screens If you wish to see another option please ask our sales representative. 

Serge Ferrari Soltis Lounge 96

Serge Ferari Soltis Lounge 96 mesh option  

Soltis Horizon 86 mesh option

Serge Ferarri Sotlis Horizon 86 mesh option


There are two shapes of bottom rails in our outdoor screens. We use round one for Cafe style and Handroll screen and rectangle shape for Ziptrak and Urban Track. 

Bottom rail Cafe style outdoor screen

Aluminium bottom rail for Cafe style screens 

Ziptrak sliding bottom bar

Ziptrak bottom rail - rectangle shape 


We use trim or borders for our Cafe style and Hand roll screens. Polystar Premium is a woven polyester fabric with a flexible PVC coating on both sides. Polystar Premium is a very versatile PVC with excellence UV resistance. Available in 10 colours. 

Cafe style PVC manual screen

Cafe style screen with light grey trim

Hand roll  PVC screens

Hand roll screen with dark green trim

Hand roll  PVC screens

Hand roll screen with white trim

Range of trim l border colours 






Light Grey

Dark Grey




The above chart is indicative only - colours can appear different depending on the computer screen resolution.


There are four options to control the patio/outdoor screens -Gear box with crank handle, Zipped, Spring system and motorised. For Cafe style screens we use Gear box or motor; for sloping and not very tall screens we use hand roll zipped screens; for the side-guided screens (Ziptrak® and Urban Track™) the options are spring loaded or motorised system.

Gear box option Cafe style blinds
Hand roll ziped screen

Cafe style screen with gear box 

Hand roll zipped screen 

Spring for Ziptrak

Spring system Ziptrak®

Remote control for motorized screens

Automation remote control


Cafe style mounting brackets

Cafe style screen mounting brackets and gear box 

Ziptrak bracket white

Ziptrak mounting bracket 


One of the options for Caffe style of outdoor screens is product called Omni screen. Omni screen is available in three different modifications: 

1. Omni Lite

2.Omni Guide

3.Omni Channel

See more information about Omni screen: 


Our PVC Blinds are manufactured using quality clear and tinted PVC which are designed and manufactured to resist the effects of weather, customers should be aware that Clear PVC is an unstable product and like all things these require regular care and maintenance.

Clear PVC is not like a sheet of metal or a glass window and it will often be baggy when first installed. Blinds of varying sizes may also look different in their flatness and react differently to the weather conditions. Handling during fabrication may have left some minor wrinkles in the blind fabrics. Avoid rolling the blind up with these still in the fabric. Simply extend the blind fully for a few days exposure. This should also be followed after the blind has been rolled up for lengthy periods such as over winter or summer.


To get the best from your new Blinds:​​​

  • They should be rolled up only when clean and dry and Kept clean, IE Do not mow lawns or clean gutters, etc. with the fabric exposed.

  • Do not leave them down in storms. Blinds can have large surface areas and are not designed to withstand storms. Always roll up the blind for strong winds.

  • Do not leave rolled up for long periods of time. The longer it is rolled up, the longer it will take for the wrinkles to come out.

  • Do not leave rolled up in direct sunlight. Heat can build up inside the roll, damaging the PVC. If roller is exposed a pelmet is recommended.

  • In Summer: PVC tends to stretch and become quite supple depending on the direct contact time with the sun. In an enclosed area it will create some heat so have them rolled up during the hot days. It is best to roll them down during the cooler parts of the day.

  • In Winter: During the colder months PVC will contract and tighten up. Being rolled up for a long time in the rain can create white foggy marks when rolled down. Don't worry these will disappear in around a week or can be polished off using VuPlex (or similar).


Ziptrak user guide 


Cleaning Instruction PVC 

The use of harsh chemicals for cleaning should be avoided, as these can scratch the surface or attack the material. Clear PVC should only be cleaned with a diluted solution of mild soap and warm water. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth or a sponge. Do not use solvents or chemical cleaners. Do not expose sheets to abrasion. We recommend Vuplex plastic cleaner/polish. Clean regularly by gently hose to remove loose dust.  Follow the instructions on the can. Always allow to dry thoroughly before storage or re-use.


Cleaning Instruction MESH


Mesh fabric should be brushed regularly with a non-abrasive brush and hosed down with clean cold water and left to dry completely before rolling up – this is important to prevent mould and mildew growth. For more stubborn stains a solution of mild detergent and luke-warm water. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry completely before rolling away. Treat stains as soon as possible. . Alkaline or solvent based cleaners are not recommended for use. A regular cleaning and maintenance program is recommended - at least once every twelve months

Spot Cleaning/Special Treatments PVC 

Treat stains as soon as possible. Leaving dirt or stains such as bird droppings can leave permanent damage. First test clean on an inconspicuous area first before proceeding. Mildew may be removed by wiping with a cold solution of Bleach having 4% chlorine, in the proportion of 1 part to 4 of water. Rinse thoroughly without delay with cold water. Grease spots may be removed carefully by rubbing lightly with a soft cloth and some ethanol (ethyl alcohol) or Meths. Do not use abrasive cleaners or solvents such as petrol, acetone, or similar, which may attack PVC.

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