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Retractable awnings and canopies providing shade for outdoor living areas, our exceptionally designed awnings use European technology for easy manual operation or motorised option. Made with quality aluminium and stainless steel. 

Rollerflex ASB offers three retractable awnings - Horizon Monobloc, Ellipse Monoblock and Fetuna Cassette and one window awning - Vertigo. 

Whether you're needing external window drop-arm awnings or wind-out awnings for deck shade, our range of retractable sun awnings and canopies for residential or trade tested commercial premises will provide the answer. Our modern outdoor patio retractable awning canopy can be manual operated or motorized for automatic control. The  electric retractable awning comes with remote control, plus options for wind-sensor automatic retraction where needed. 


Ideal for residential house pergola, balcony, patio or home decks and side awnings, the retractable awnings also offer a great option for shop and commercial shade solutions. Contact us for retractable awning prices for roll-out, folding arm, manual or motorised options.  


Horizon monobloc awning

The Horizon Monobloc is elegantly engineered using European technology and styling. Made with quality aluminium and stainless steel, the Horizon Monobloc is easily operated manually or automated with the press of a button.  When automated, a wind or motion sensor can be added to retract the awning during high-impact conditions. An aluminium hood can also be included for a streamlined protected finish. 


Fetuna Cassette awning

Developed in France and custom manufactured in New Zealand to withstand our harsh elements, the Fetuna Cassette awning combines maximum protection and modern design with minimal maintenance. The fabric skin and awning mechanisms are completely protected when retracted, ensuring a longer product life and superior functionality. Made with quality aluminium and stainless-steel components, the Fetuna Cassette is built to last. 

Ellipse monobloc awning

With its classic styling, the Ellipse Monobloc encapsulates simplicity and charm. It also provides a generous area of coverage – a width of up to five metres makes it ideal for lengths of deck and other outdoor areas with plenty of space to cover.The Ellipse Monobloc is made with quality components and a solid structure to ensure long-lasting functional sun protection.

Vertigo window awning

The Vertigo Window Awning can significantly reduce cooling costs during summer and protect interior furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays all-year round, while adding colour and style to your exterior.

Choose the material to suit your needs – Shadeview Mesh to provide visibility and diffused light; Docril canvas for privacy.


The Docril fabric is designed and manufactured in Spain and known for its superb quality with an extensive colour palette. Docril offers an impressive selection of 132 vibrant colours to suit any décor and comes with a 10 year UV warranty.

To see all range of colours, please click here 
Docril fabric examples
Plain Docril fabric examples 
Docril stripes fabric examples
Stripes Docril fabric examples 


Awning's hardware such as back bar, arms, front bar, brackets and hoodis is available in three colours: Warm White Pearl, Silver Pearl, Matt Charcoal. 

Colour options for Awning's hardware

Warm White Pearl

Silver pearl

Matt Charcoal 

The above chart is indicative only - colours can appear different depending on the computer screen resolution.


Hardware cleaning and maintenance

​Awning's aluminium powder coating hardware can be safely cleaned with mild household detergent (do not use solvents) in warm water. Carefully remove any loose surface deposits with wet sponge or cotton cloth and rinse off with clean fresh water. We recommend to do it once a year. During cleaning please checked all coach screws and bolts if they are not loosen. If so, contact us immediately to do further inspection. 



Docril fabric maintenance/cleaning

Maintenance to achieve a longer life expectancy and a better look of the fabric. We suggest cleaning your Docril® fabric with a soft bristle brush and rinsing with water. For localised stains clean with a neutral detergent mixed with lukewarm water (maximum 104º F) and then rinse. The fabric must be left to dry completely before it is rolled up. We recommend to do it once a year.  

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