Rollerflex ASB offers a range of choices in Vertical Blinds for our customers. From contemporary, modern fabric vertical blinds for bedroom and all windows, sliding doors, patio doors, bay corner windows to commercial large windows, sliding glass doors, we deliver custom made high quality vertical blinds, shades, sunscreen, window treatments that will best suit our clients' needs, with value-for-money, best price and cost in mind.

Vertical blinds are designed to be dust free and easy to clean which makes them a popular choice for offices and homes. They are  ideal for large window areas such as sliding, bi-fold and patio doors and areas where you have minimal clearance.

Minimum size: 300 mm x 300 mm

Maximum size: 5 000 mm x 2 900 mm

Colour of the top track: White

Slat size: 89 mm and 100 mm

Material: Tightly woven 100% polyester with acrylic coating

Operation: Manual - Wand or Cord + Chain to tilt the slats 

Stack options: Left Stack, Right Stack, Split Stack, Center Stack (Control can be on either side - Left l Right)

Fabric & Colour options: Block out fabric: White, Arum, Alabaster, Sesame, Pebble, Macchinato, Ash Blue, Crane, Dark Grey, Black, Cotton, Light Bison,  Misty or Vibe range fabrics. 

Vertical blind 89 mm slats size 

Vertical blind bottom weight detail 

Vertical blind with 100 mm slats size 

Vertical blind fabric colours range 



Ash blue


Dark grey



Light bison






Vertical blind stack options. Control can be on either side of the blind  


Vertical blinds come with fabric protection ingredients for preventing mould and mildew. That is why we do not recommend  to wash them in a laundry tub with soap and water because  you will in fact remove the anti-mould and mildew retardant.



Cleaning with thick duster:

Instead wipe the blinds from top to bottom with a thick duster. Close the blinds so one of the flat sides faces you. Start at the top of the blinds, using a thick duster to brush the dirt downward. Work from the left side of the blinds to the right until they’re dust-free. Turn the rod attached to the blinds to rotate them so the other flat side faces you, and clean it with the duster as well.


Cleaning with brush attachment on vacuum cleaner:

Remove any remaining dust with the brush attachment on your vacuum. Put the bristle-brush attachment on the hose of your vacuum and turn it on. Brush the bristles on the tops of the individual blinds and work down to the bottom. The brush attachment will help reduce the amount of suction and will get any dust stuck in the blinds. Keep working on one side of the blinds before vacuuming the other side. Don’t try to use a vacuum without an attachment since the suction could damage the blinds.​



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