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The fabrics for our Sunscreen roller blinds are specially designed to filter the sun and allow you to see what is going on outside while enjoying the shade and coolness inside. They also provide daytime privacy.


Designed in Australia and manufactured in New Zealand, we use only the best components from the industry-leading manufacturers such as Acmeda, JAI and SHAW. 

All our roller blinds can be motorised, controlled by remote control, your smart phone or a wall switch. 


Sunscreen roller blinds can be used in any area of your house or office where the night-time privacy is not an issue.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Sunscreen roller blinds. Manual option.

Sunscreen motorised Roller Blinds

Sunscreen roller blinds. Motorised option. 

Sunscreen Roller Blinds 10% openness factor

Sunscreen roller blinds. Manual option with link between two blinds. 


We offer a variety of sunscreens fabrics but our most popular one is Duo Screen. If you wish to have something else, please ask our sales representative. 

Duo Screen sunscreen fabric is available in 10 colours. Ice White, White, White Stone, White Linen, Dune Grey, White Grey, Blue Grey, Charcoal Grey, Charcoal Slate and Charcoal. 

The fabric comes in two roll's sizes 2500 and 3200 mm so it is suitable for wide width windows. 

The openness factor is 5%, UV Protection is 95%. It is lead and formaldehyde free. 

Composition: 27% Polyester l 73% Vinyl on Polyester and it is Printable. 


Nominal Thickness: 0.69 mm and nominal weight: 471 g/sm.

Duo Screens Sunscreen fabrics options

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