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Dual roller blinds will give you better control over the light and privacy in your home. These blinds are great for functionality and versatility. You have an option of combinations: Blackout + SunscreenThermal SunscreenThermal Light Filtering or Blackout Light Filtering. We know that every house is different so choose the best combination that's right for you or let us guide you with your decision. Each roller blind can be operated separately so you have the freedom to lower or lift them as you need.

Designed in Australia and manufactured in New Zealand, we use only the best components from the industry leading manufacturers such as Acmeda, JAI and SHAW. 

All our roller blinds can be motorised, controlled by remote control, your smart phone or a wall switch. 


Dual roller blinds can be used in any area of your house or office. Single brackets side by side require a minimum of 110mm window frame depth, whereas the dual bracket option will need 80 mm minimum.

Roller Blinds Dual

Dual roller blinds manual option

Dual roller blinds
Dual roller blinds

Dual roller blinds with dual brackets

Dual roller blinds with single brackets


For fabric options see the individual roller blind pages. 

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