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  • David Gaughan

Roller Blinds for Curved Windows

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Most roller blinds enquiries are straightforward, and that seemed to be the case when we received a request for sunscreen blinds for an office that was having heat issues from the afternoon sun. It was only when we arrived on site that we realised there wasn't just a series of windows, but they formed one very large, curved window across the front of the office.

We'd done several bay windows previously, where the side windows are at an angle to the main windows. However, up until this point, we hadn't come across a curved window - certainly not one so large in circumference. The challenge here was that the window frame was also at a strange angle at both ends of the opening.

An initial measure showed the window mullions were at even centres, so that indicated the solution lay in the positioning of the very first and the very last blind brackets. However, fixing the first bracket in the normal position, hard against the side jamb, wasn't possible in this instance because it threw the blind out of line to match the curvature of the other blinds.

A bit of playing with that first bracket proved to be the solution and the other blinds fell into line beautifully, with only one millimetre to spare with the final blind. The end result ... another happy customer.

This is just one example of some of the challenges we've enjoyed solving, Others have involved motorised roller blinds, not only with remote control, but also with smartphone operated blinds using Hub Pulse technology. Another trend that is occurring more recently is ceiling recessed roller blinds with purpose-made ceiling boxes. Whatever the challenge, there's always a solution.

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