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Create your own 3D Ziptrak outdoor screen using a new application by Ziptrak. Click on following link and customise (choose measurements, colour, pelmets, flashing, PVC or Mesh and extras), visualise (see your 3D design) and send it to any company for free quotation.

waether strip option for Ziptrak
Bottom rail weather strip option

Design your own Ziptrak
Ziptrak platform

Design your own ziptrak
Ziptrak application

1. Size: select your desired size (width and height)

2. Material: choose from our selection of Mesh (95%) fabrics for your new Ziptrak or go for PVC option.

3. Colour: pick the colour (Dulux range) for all hardware (pelmet, side guides, bottom rail)

4. Top style: choose simple brackets only, extra flashing or streamline pelmet

5. Mounting: go for reveal or face fix

6: Operation: spring balanced or motorised option ( available only for mesh)

7. Extras: bottom rail weather strips

Please conatct us if you have any questions.

Rollerflex ASB Limited team

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